2020 Fall VIRTUAL Leasure Retreat
2020 Fall VIRTUAL Leasure Retreat
2020 Fall VIRTUAL Leasure Retreat
2020 Fall VIRTUAL Leasure Retreat

2020 Fall VIRTUAL Leasure Retreat

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Women'sWellness: Pressure, Purpose & Passion

Virtual Retreat October 23-25th

Join Dr. Jordan Leasure, Dr. Jade Dellinger and their team of ROCKSTARS as they bring you through what it's like to live a Salutogenic Life. We'll spend a weekend in the luxury of your own home and experience the healing properties of connection and community. We'll savor healthy meals, practice relaxation techniques and enjoy in home wellness treatments. We will strengthen our connection to what health means to each of us and further a connection among like minded women.

The weekend will begin with an ice breaker exercise so we all become better acquainted with our goals and each other.

Stay tuned for programming specifics and details.

Workshops details will be released in the next few weeks:
Previous topics include:

  • What is stress? The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.
  • Feeding your Brain: Using the Power of Food to improve Mood, Confidence and Concentration.
  • Moving Through Trauma. Utilizing your past to Strengthen your Future
  • Reconnecting with your Vagina

Classes include: yoga, meditation, gratitude and more!

You will receive a meal plan and shopping list to make preparing meals for the weekend fast, easy and delicious.

You will receive guided instruction from leaders in their fields. Women who you'll enjoy learning from and will welcome you into their tribes with open arms.
You will receive tools that you will implement immediately to allow for the shift and directional support you've been looking for.

You can participate LIVE on Zoom or watch the replays in our PRIVATE facebook group for participants only.