The Salutogenic Life Team

Dr. Jordan Leasure, Founder

"I can't remember exactly when supplements became a part of my life but then again I can't remember a time that they weren't.  I recall my mother laying out the tiny plastic cups and sorting through her morning "routine" of capsules and placing aside the children's chewable for me.  I remember being a college athlete and needing more energy and focus so tailoring my nutrition, sleep schedule and supplement regime to coincide.  Most recently in pregnancy my life revolved around hydration, yoga and the most complex supplement combination to date. Every week there is more to learn, tweaks to make personally and professionally. We live in a tumultuous world, but within that I choose to lead a salutogenic life.  I hope you'll join me." 

Dr. Jade Dellinger, Founder

"I've been fortunate enough over the last 8 years to help people reach their health goals, whether that be to get out of pain, lose weight, get rid of their migraines or to just feel happy again.  The common denominator in all these cases is changing our health from the inside out, and that usually involved some sort of supplementation.  I've learned over the years that even those who work the hardest at being healthy still have deficiencies. There was no one product line that offered what my patients needed, OR one that I trusted for myself, my family and my patients.  That's where Salutogenic Life was born.

The Salutogenic Life line follows the philosophy that we have control over our health.  Being healthy and avoiding chronic illness is a choice, and that is empowering"