Healthy Hacks For Your Next Vacation

Healthy hacks for your next vacation


I'm literally writing this blog poolside in Las Vegas. Traveling can be both exhilarating and challenging especially when it comes to your health. What better place to use as an example poor health choices then Las Vegas Nevada.

Debauchery is the name of the game. Minimal sleep, excessive drinking, poor meal choices and overextending is pretty much standard.

After traveling here up to four times a year for business and pleasure I finally found a way to do it in a healthy manner! Here are my tips and tricks that can be implemented almost anywhere.

My number one trick: instacart! This meal delivery service can provide healthy snack and meal options almost anywhere around the country. I routinely use them at home and more recently started using them while traveling. I've even ordered groceries and have them delivered to sick friends. This trip I actually ordered groceries from the tarmac as my plane landed and they were delivered as we were checking in 90 minutes later at our hotel. My generic list that can be utilized by almost anyone includes bottled water, sparkling water, organic apples, bananas, mixed nuts, dark chocolate, gluten free bread, avocados, gluten free oatmeal containers, organic cherry tomatoes,and this time around prairie raised hard-boiled eggs! I refuse to pay $25 for scrambled eggs for breakfast in Vegas. It was beautiful and has provided multiple breakfast and snack options while I've been working poolside. I don't feel pressured to order whole meals or make bad meal choices.

My second suggestion is getting a mini fridge for your room. A fridge of course can expand the options in the food that you can order but also allow you to keep medications and supplements cool if necessary. It seems like extravagance but it really makes things much easier. And if you happen to be a breastfeeding mom it's a must to keep milk cool and or frozen during the trip. I always carry Ziploc bags with me and I would fill gallon-size Ziploc bags with ice put bags of milk inside and then transfer to the fridge to help freeze prior to traveling. So convenient and so simple!

This next one is my favorite Vegas hack. A humidifier! If you're traveling anywhere with a dry climate you may notice that you feel run down or you get sick shortly after returning home. This is because the dry air is a perfect breeding ground for viruses and bacteria to find a home in your sinuses. A simple way to avoid that is to keep moisture content in the room a little higher. I fill it up before I leave and keep it running even when I'm not in the room and of course order distilled water from room service and have them fill it up prior to the evening.

If you have the time and you're traveling somewhere with spa facilities get yourself a day pass. It's typically less expensive than receiving a service while you have access to all the amenities. It may provide you a quiet place to relax and refresh, or somewhere with fewer distractions or you can get some work done. Typically their beverages including water, tea and fresh juice and even light snacks including fruit and nuts provided. I've spent the last two days literally working in the spa practically with my own private pool. It's probably the best money I've ever spent. It's allowed me to relax and recharge, I've written five blog posts including this one, content for our two websites, planned our next women's retreat, and even got in a little sun while everyone in Chicago is dealing with below-freezing temperatures and 3 inches of snow.

Finally, this is a hack for your wallet and your waistline. Share meals. And if not utilize that fridge in your room and take half of it back. Many locations over serve their patrons or everything on the menu looks so good you over order. I've done both! So now I find that I'll share meals with my travel companion which most often will leave us both feeling satisfied and comfortable at the end of the evening instead of overstuffed and overtired.

If you find these suggestions helpful make sure to subscribe to our salutogenic life blog. As these are some examples of how to live a salutogenic life. If you have any suggestions we haven't thought of we would love to hear them! Send us a message. And happy traveling.