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Healthy Hacks For Your Next Vacation

  I'm literally writing this blog poolside in Las Vegas. Traveling can be both exhilarating and challenging especially when it comes to your health. What better place to use as an example poor health choices then Las Vegas Nevada. Debauchery is the name of the game. Minimal sleep, excessive drinking, poor meal choices and overextending is pretty much standard. After traveling here up to four times a year for business and pleasure I finally found a way to do it in a healthy manner! Here are my tips and tricks that can be implemented almost anywhere. My number one trick: instacart! This meal delivery service can provide healthy snack and meal options almost anywhere around the country. I routinely use...

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Meal Planning Made Easy

I’m a physician not a chef. The following are my personal collection of a handful of easy and portable meals. Since the arrival of Mr Parker I knew it was my responsibility to raise a happy and healthy human being - and diet played a HUGE role in my goal. Actually that responsibility started the minute I found out I was pregnant. I minimized sugar, grains and dairy and cleaned up my diet at home and on the road. We bring food with us everywhere (except maybe the grocery store). And always in glass containers. More on the dangers of plastics in a later blog. This is what I made this last weekend - in just a few hours we...

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Functional Medicine, Restaurants, and COVID-19

  Author: Jorell Ellazar Like any other person during the quarantine, I have found ample time to sit on my couch and watch some Netflix. Of these shows, my favorite is Ugly Delicious with chef Dave Chang where he spends each episode delving into a particular dish and explores its cultural, and social impact on a national and international level. For example, in the episode Fried Rice, they discuss the humble nature of the said dish and uses this as a platform to discuss the complex nature of authentic Chinese cuisine as he also compares this against our Westernized knowledge of Chinese American food. But in each episode Dave Chang goes into the reason why the discussion of each titular dish...

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