Peace, Love & Retreat

Over the course of my almost 25 year wellness career I’ve worked with patients individually, I’ve led workshops of fifty and I’ve lectured to hundreds in a corporate setting. I’ve discussed health with toddlers (thanks to Parker’s preschool), taught stretching to the elderly and infirmed and even worked with attorneys looking to live healthier, happier lives.  I have had the opportunity to work with clients from Chicagoland to Austria (unfortunately not in person - yet!). But something was missing…

For those of you that have had the chance to visit our clinic in the Chicago suburbs it was envisioned fifteen years ago while I was finishing up Chiropractic school. I wanted somewhere clients would feel comfortable. Somewhere that didn’t scream “doctors office”. If we were to be someone’s first introduction to Chiropractic I wanted to not only professionally represent our great vocation but I wanted to put patients at ease who may otherwise be experiencing pain and uncertainty of the unknown.

I feel we’ve done just that. For over thirteen years we’ve been providing exceptional wellness care to Lake County and beyond, but I have always had the goal of taking things one step further. I’ve wanted to take my knowledge and not only teach but bring women together who can then take that information and implement it into their homes, businesses and communities. Change starts with a single step and we’re taking that step together in October.

We’ve curated incredible content that will literally be life changing. I’ve reserved a private estate for the weekend on the Lake in Lake Como, Wisconsin within a two hour drive from Chicago, Madison and Milwaukee. We are starting our journey together on Friday evening with a Feng Shui Vision Board Workshop.

Feng Shui uses the seen world—our environment—to help us connect with, understand, and change the unseen world—our thoughts, feelings and beliefs. ~ Lorrie Webb Grillo

Whether your goal is wealth, health, love or knowledge we will help refine your dreams and goals. Through clarity, drive and accountability we'll redirect your energy towards success. I invite you to consider the possibilities that lie in taking that first step with us...

If this sounds appealing take a look at the details at the link below. We only have four spots remaining and would love to have you join us. 

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